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Ruin's Fire

Ruin's Fire, the Kimbley/Roy com
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Alright people, as noted above, this is the Kimbley/Roy community.

The Rules:
1. This one is the one I'm sure will be the biggest issue. There are several ways to spell Kimbley. Don't argue about it here, and respect other authors in what they use for him.

2. This is a Kimbley/Roy com folks. Roy/Kimbley is welcome. Fics and Art with only one of them is welcome. Pairings with those two together with someone else involved are welcome. But please, no fics with one in a relationship with someone, and the other is not, nor ever will, enter the picture.

3. Give warnings. If something isn't worksafe, then put that in the header before the cut. If there is something objectionable like non-con, fetishes, ect, then put that. Just let the readers know what they're getting into. Some people are at work, and they might love to see a naked Kimbley! But I really doubt their boss might be pleased.

4. On that note, use livejournal cuts for anything longer than 100 words, that has sexual content, is a large picture, or if there is more than three icons.
You can make them like this:
<*lj-cut text="What the cut says"> the entry <*/lj-cut>
Just take these: * out

And that's it! If you have any questions, just drop forgottenlover a line and they'll be answered.