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Ruin's · Fire

searching for a fic

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Thank you to forgottenlover for allowing this post. XD

I'm looking for a particular K/R fic that I read, maybe a year ago. Here's the details, maybe you know which fic I'm talking about? Much Thanks!

Kimbley and Roy are sharing a dorm room of some kind. Each day they go out and do 'battle' (maybe Ishbal?). Kimbley is using the red stone more and more and it is driving him insane or possibly even killing him.

None of the other characters from FMA are involved in anyway in this fic, I'm not even sure their names are mentioned. It's completely K/R centric.

Early in the fic Kimbley is taking a shower and Roy sees he has many scars. Kimbley knows he is watching and eventually gets him to come closer to view said scars and he explains where some of them came from. Sex ensues (of course!). It's not non-con, but Kimbley is definately the aggressor.

Roy can see that each day Kimbley is slipping more and more into madness and in the end, Kimbley is carted off on a stretcher and Roy is very sad about it.

I know... there's not much detail here. It was a very good fic, tho, and I'ld love to re-read it. Thank you!
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On May 27th, 2007 10:22 pm (UTC), childermass commented:
that sounded so familiar i went looking, and i think you're talking about laylah's "putting out fires with gasoline." i hope that's it! :)
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On May 27th, 2007 11:31 pm (UTC), baka_gaijin replied:
OMGYES! That's it exactly. Thank you so much. I've been stressing over this fic for about a week now, wondering if I would ever find it. You are awesome. XD
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