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FanFic: Exodus - Part One

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I just joined this community at the suggestion of neumegami33 .  So thank you to her for showing me this place existed!  This is my first Roy/Zolf series, I hope you all enjoy it! 

Part one:
Fields of Innocence
Author: mistressari
Roy Mustang/Zolf Kimblee
Part one - PG, overall R to NC-17.
Part one - none. Overall: underage sexual experiences, yaoi (obviously), language, incest, violence.
Part one - A childhood relationship faces destruction as the two boys grow into adulthood.
Notes: I have taken some liberties with canon. I have given Roy a mother, Izumi (because if you look at them, they eerily do look alike). I have also placed Zolf in the South as a child, the same town. It's been a few years since I've actually posted anything in a community, or anywhere for that matter. This will be my first posted fic for this fandom. I really hope you all enjoy it. Thank you!

Part 1: Fields of Innocence

"Zolf! Wait up!" He was short for his age, but he had learned long ago he would have to keep up. The world wasn't going to adjust itself around him, his mother told him that often. So the young boy ran as hard and as fast as he could to catch up to his older friend, his only friend.

The taller boy, two years older than the one chasing him, stopped, turning around as he slid his hand into his pocket. At twelve, Zolf was already considered a force to reckoned with. And that wasn't including his alchemic skills. It was simply the way he was, the person he was becoming. Flippantly, Zolf tossed his black hair, held back in a pony tail, off of his shoulder and to his back. It cascaded much further than most boys in town, falling to his waist. He was proud of his hair, his looks, how sharp they were even though he was only a boy. He knew he was going to be a very attractive man, if he didn't consider himself one already. He did.

"Didn't you hear me?" The ten year old stopped in front of his idol, bent over, hands resting on his knees as he tried to get his breathing under control. He pushed his long, black hair from his eyes as he looked up at Zolf, hurt so clear in their gray depths.

Zolf sighed, his self satisfied expression fading as he reached down, cupping the younger boy's cheek in his hand. "I guess not. Weren't you supposed to be with your mother all day? I thought you were leaving for her fabled Island tomorrow."

"I am." The younger boy leaned into the touch as he cast his eyes downward. "I don't wanna go, Zolf. I'm scared," he mumbled, scuffing his feet into the dirt.

"Roy..." The older boy stared at his companion's feet, raising an eyebrow. "Where are your shoes?"

"Dunno... around."

Zolf raised an eyebrow before he picked the boy up, carrying Roy in his arms. "There's sharp rocks you dolt. Do you ever pay attention? Does your mother know you lost them again?"

"No. Don't tell her." Roy sighed, resting his head on Zolf's shoulder.

"Right... I'll tell her because I want to be on the receiving end of her screaming... no. That's ok." Zolf smiled a little, carrying Roy toward a small stream, out of the way of the view of the rest of the town. "Now..." he sat Roy down on a rock, crouching down to look at his feet, "why are you scared? I had to do it... I survived. I've done it twice now, Roy."

"I know... but you're bigger than me. You've always been bigger than me." Roy looked at the rock, scratching at the surface with his small fingernails.

"Why do we always have this discussion?" Zolf lightly slapped the bottom of one of Roy's feet. "Your size is not your power, Roy Curtis. Do you hear me? Your power is limitless, like mine. Just like mine."

"I just set things on fire."

"I do the same thing, more or less. Don't bother with the details."

Roy smiled faintly, lightly kicking at Zolf. "The details don't matter?"

"Nope." Zolf smirked.

"Uh huh... then why does my Mom say different?" Roy raised an eyebrow.

"Because she's obsessed with details. Far too obsessed. The world isn't as complicated as she'd like to think. All we do is rearrange molecules, make one thing something else. With a flick of the wrist, the clap of hands or the snap of a finger. There's little more to it then that. We're able to do what others can't. We shouldn't hold ourselves back because of it as she does. We can change the world, Roy."

Roy frowned, scooting over on the rock to pull Zolf down next to him, hugging the boy he saw as a brother close. "Don't talk like that... if she hears you..."

"Oh shush. She won't." Zolf settled beside Roy, pulling the younger boy close, settling him in his lap. "We can, though. I know we can. There aren't limits... only silly laws."

"Zolf, please."

Zolf sighed, gently rocking the boy in his lap as he stared at the water before them. "Alright. For you, I'll stop."

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