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 Title: Memories
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Kimblee/Roy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non con (as is everything with Kimblee) and SPOILERS for the latest manga chapters.
Summary: With Kimblee, it takes everything Roy has to forget. And yet, when he's with him again, all he can do is remember.
AN: Been a while since I've written for this fandom, and taken lots of liberties with Roy's past, and uhm. First time writing sex-fic. Hope it doesn't scar too badly.

link to the journal

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I just joined this community at the suggestion of neumegami33 .  So thank you to her for showing me this place existed!  This is my first Roy/Zolf series, I hope you all enjoy it! 

Part one:
Fields of Innocence
Author: mistressari
Roy Mustang/Zolf Kimblee
Part one - PG, overall R to NC-17.
Part one - none. Overall: underage sexual experiences, yaoi (obviously), language, incest, violence.
Part one - A childhood relationship faces destruction as the two boys grow into adulthood.
Notes: I have taken some liberties with canon. I have given Roy a mother, Izumi (because if you look at them, they eerily do look alike). I have also placed Zolf in the South as a child, the same town. It's been a few years since I've actually posted anything in a community, or anywhere for that matter. This will be my first posted fic for this fandom. I really hope you all enjoy it. Thank you!

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not sure if this is allowed, but i'm looking for a kimblee RPer - or a Roy as i can do either though i'm more used to RPing Roy than kimblee.

it also helps if you like Archer as i'm a fan of both Kimblee/Roy and Kimblee/Roy/Archer to a lesser extent.

if you're interested, let me know here and ill reply with my MSN/Yahoo/AIM thingys. thanks.

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Thank you to forgottenlover for allowing this post. XD

I'm looking for a particular K/R fic that I read, maybe a year ago. Here's the details, maybe you know which fic I'm talking about? Much Thanks!

Kimbley and Roy are sharing a dorm room of some kind. Each day they go out and do 'battle' (maybe Ishbal?). Kimbley is using the red stone more and more and it is driving him insane or possibly even killing him.

None of the other characters from FMA are involved in anyway in this fic, I'm not even sure their names are mentioned. It's completely K/R centric.

Early in the fic Kimbley is taking a shower and Roy sees he has many scars. Kimbley knows he is watching and eventually gets him to come closer to view said scars and he explains where some of them came from. Sex ensues (of course!). It's not non-con, but Kimbley is definately the aggressor.

Roy can see that each day Kimbley is slipping more and more into madness and in the end, Kimbley is carted off on a stretcher and Roy is very sad about it.

I know... there's not much detail here. It was a very good fic, tho, and I'ld love to re-read it. Thank you!
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Hello! I'm Invidia1988 and I have been converted to this pairing by my koi broken_envy so here is my fic I hope you all enjoy it

this is also going to be posted into http://community.livejournal.com/20_inkspots/ once my koi has the art for it * pounces on broken_envy*

Title: Midnight Waltz.
Rating: Pg-13-ish
Pairing: Kimbley x Roy obviously.
Summary: If I told anything I'd give it away.

Disclaimer: I do not own fma characters. they in fact belong to Hiromu Arakawa. All I own is this fic.

Warning: This is yaoi, shonen-ai, male/male fiction between two men.

Rating: on the rating it is more of a pg to pg-13 suitable for all ages.

With all that said I hope you enjoy it. ^^;

energetic energetic
Chaos Used:
The Principles of Lust - Enigma
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Title: Countdown to Extinction
Author: Yours Truly (sin_of_pride)
Pairing: Kimbley/Roy
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Somehow dubious consent, mentions of violence, angst.
Notes: 3444 words. No particular spoilers, I think. Set in Ishbal.

"You wouldn't let anyone else break you down like this."
nervous nervous
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Title: Everything You Touch.
Author: Jess.
Rating: NC:17.
Pairing: Roy/Kimberly.
Warning: Angst, sex, blood, pain, explosions.
Notes: 5,000 words. Thanks to ponderosa121 for the awesome beta! All left over mistakes are mine.

( shakes your hand. )
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Title: Reunion

Authors: nilepriestess and sohma_shigure

Pairing: Kimbly x Roy

Rating: Porn! NC-17! Violence! <3

Summary: First posted on thedevilsnest under my Kimbly puppett account (thriftstoresuit)--Kimbly returns from prison and goes to visit an old friend...


Other stoof: the Roy is her's, the Kimbly is mine, and the dub-con porn is ours. life is good <3


dually noted, this was taken straight out of an out-of-the-air RP, made for the DN LJ comm. the back-and-forth is sort of odd i guess. rather than a solid flow going, we're sort of i don't know @__@ ...this is my first time posting anything RP over here...be merciful please.



Read more...Collapse )

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Title: Quick and Quiet
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Up to Episode 40
Word Count: 2,141
Summary: Its been years since the two have seen each other, but some things never change.

( Quick and Quiet )
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I was REALLY inspired by the recent FMA manga chapters. Roy was so cute and Kimbley was just plain HOT ^o^ I felt that my Kimbley/Roy passion is burning again XD

So I draw this. Although it dosen't have anything to do with the military background ^_^; This is my first post here, hope you like it^^

Kimbley/Roy: mafia styleCollapse )

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